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FLYLINE DISH ANTENNA: Murickens provides Fly line C band Dish Antenna to getting digital super most clarity pictures, Natural sounds of national, regional, international channels and free to air channels with the help of fly line C-band dish antenna with out any interference of cable operators and pirating agencies. It is very reliable, only has consumes simple initial cost and after there is no monthly rent. Government of India introduces a Direct To Home (DTH) services to recreate our people of India free of cost. Now approximately 60 channels are provided on C band Dish antenna, and it will increase further with internationally competing channels. we have two types of registered brand names. and < more details >

FLYLINE DTH SYSTEMS: In this recreation field, there are number of DTH companies are competing with international channels and pay channels on rental basis. The monthly rent is depending up on their package of channels. In India Dooradarsan started DTH services as an entirely different aspect and free of cost with regional and some of them are competing with international channels as a service to the people of nation. < more details >
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FLYLINE DLX ANALOG INVERTER: - Fly line DLX Analog Inverter is an electronic generator system which is specially designed by some fundamental electronic components. In this operational amplifier we can also say it is an inverting amplifier depending upon some basic transistor configuration principle. During power failure Analog Inverter provides power supply with the help of a battery which is already charged before the power failure within micro seconds. This device converted stored DC volt in to 240V AC so as to run all of the house hold appliances as well as office equipments.
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FLY LINE OFF LINE UPS: - This Uninterruptible Power Supply tracks the mains supply in terms of voltage and frequency variations. Once the incoming mains supply exceeds the specified window, the Uninterruptible Power Supply switches on the inverter to continue to supply power to the load. There is an inverter switch on time of a few milliseconds and this will be generally longer than that encountered with an Uninterruptible Power Supply. This commonly used in computers and other valuable equipments which needs a continuous flow of energy.
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MG SOLAR WATER HEATERS: - Use MG solar water heater and avoid all headaches of electric hazards, control pollution over all aspects, save the nation and your pocket. There are two types of water heaters. One is FPT and

the other is ETC model comparing with these two models FPT is more reliable, long life, maintenance free and above all the main attraction is we get 80 C hot water on normal sunny day than ETC model which produces approx 40 degree Celsius hot water. Thus we can say this is one demerits of ETC model. < more details >

FLY LINE DUAL UPS AND INVERTER: - we have developed a two in one electronic device known as Dual Inverter which act the roll of UPS and as an Inverter. It saves money and space than other inverters because no need of extra space while installation as it is one machine. This is prepared such a manner which works as UPS and a compatible inverter when power supply fails. This is very important equipment where instruments like computers are installed.
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MG SERVO STABILIZER: - Our Servo Voltage Stabilizer can overcome and control Heavy Voltage fluctuations, lightning thundering and can provide you required out put voltage with a load sensing circuit installed in it, so it transformed desired out put voltage and protect your costly equipments and machines from heavy damage. So servo stabilizer also called a complete guard of electronic circuits and equipments.
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FLYLINE SOLAR INVERTER: - Our main power generation systems are Thermal, wind, water. but it have some limitations for creating energy, today or tomorrow we must think about another source other wise we will go to darkens. Murickens group take steps for solving and saving the power from a natural source. We developed solar inverters as its substance. A set of solar modules generates DC Electric Energy from sun rays and fly line solar inverter convert this DC current to alternative current of 240V for maintains free working of house hold equipments with, battery back up support.< more details >

FLY LINE STEP UP TRANSFORMER: which is simple system used for boosting line voltage for the smooth functioning of electronic equipments which is needed a standard voltage of 200 to 240v. We have ordinary and wide range models of transformers
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FLY LINE ON LINE UPS - This system is basically a double conversion system. In this system, the Mains power is first converted to DC voltage of appropriate value and fed to the inverter that converts it back to AC power. Thus in this system, the load is always powered by the inverter. The battery is connected to the DC bus. Thus this is truly a No-Break system. The load being totally isolated from the Mains power
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FLY LINE SOLAR UPS:- An Uninterruptible Power Supply is an option available for any solar energy system. This will provide you with continuous energy service during blackouts. The uninterruptible power supply will usually contain batteries or be used in conjunction with batteries. <more details >

FLY LINE DC SOLAR SYSTEM:- Portable Solar DC Power is ideal for providing electrical power and light for remote homes, emergency power, disaster relief, camping, boating anywhere you need power on-demand with no fuel-costs, no cabling or pollution. < more details >

FLY LINE STABILIZER: -These stabilizers used by a tank circuit composed of a high-voltage resonant winding and a capacitor to produce a nearly constant average output with a varying input. Older designs of transformers had an output with high harmonic content, leading to a distorted output waveform. Modern devices are used to construct perfect stabilizers.
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FLY LINE STEP DOWN TRANFORMER: - It is the only source to work 110V imported equipments in Indian standards volt of 240CV. We developed lower and higher capacity tranceformers. Step-Down Transformer is a device that has its secondary voltage less than its primary voltage. This transformer reduces voltage and often ranges in sizes.<more details >

MG MOBILE MORTUARY: - Preserving dead bodies for few days at home with top side glass of acrylic half inch glass to see the deal body from all angles.
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MG WATER COOLERS: - We have a comprehensive range of water coolers and products that are suitable for many needs in addition to water cooler servicing, sanitization and support. We provide full installation with or without regular servicing and sanitization.< more details >

MG DEEP FREEZERS: - We use the most up-to-date technology in the manufacturing of domestic /business /larger cold storage / latest design, create more storage capacity. A single freezer used us different purpose like preserve meat, fish, cool drinks and milk with very low power consumption. It is most suitable for medical field for preserving medicines, blood etc. because of handling the temperature up to -30 degree C < more details >

MG AIRCONDITIONERS: - Supply high quality A/C with very competitive price. Split air conditioners are available with Murickens Group <more details>

MG WATER COOLERS: - The water filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, sediment, lead, cysts, and turbidity in your water and ice. It eliminates the expense and inconvenience of purchasing bottled water at a store or scheduling home delivery of bottled water. It's easy to replace with no special tools required. No need to even turn off the water. Simply turn the filter to the left to remove.< more details >

FLY LINE SOLAR LED EMERGENCY LAMP:- Solar lanterns are best and cheap way to cover the darkness and suitable to your needs, there are two models LED and CFL, for LED model light we bright light for a long time of up to 15 hours continuously, it is very compact and single switch operation <more details >

FLY LINE TUBULAR BATTERY:- Made to international standards with advanced specialized battery technology, standard tubular, tubular heat sealed, EL and INVA tubular models. Our range finds extensive application in Educational Institutions, Electrical Electronic Industries, Telecommunication and other Corporate Sector. We ensure raw materials used in our range are of excellent quality in terms of durability and resistance to various environmental conditions. Thus, we are capable to offer these products with latest technology and can be easily serviceable to match international standard. < more details >

FLYLINE AUTOMOTIVE INVERTER: - It is a reliable pure Sine Wave UPS for automotive purpose to use trouble free working of audio and video systems in all kinds of automobiles. The strict management system of production and quality with modern assembly lines ensures the product quality. The products have complete specifications, which are aimed at different international standards.
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We entered in business since 1975. murickens realtor is the first free listing property dealer having a very good web portal for land transaction with thousands of property details in different districts of Kerala and other state with the category of house with land ,residential land, commercial building with land ,kerala estate ,kerala flat, resort and hotels, low cost land , immediate sale land expecilay kerala district like Kottayam district land , Ernakulam district land,Pathanamthitta,Idukki,Alapuzha,Kollam, Thiruvanathapuram,Thrissur,Palakkad,Kannur,Malappuram,Kozhikode,Vyanadu,Kasarcode, out of kerala.

Our Head Office situated in Kaduthuruthy in Kottayam District. Our Branches are in Nattakom (Kottayam), Palarivattom (Ernakulam), Pandalam (Pathanamthitta) and representative officials at Bombay and USA.
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